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Steps to activate Microsoft Office

Nowadays we use Microsoft office for various things be it office work or personal work. It is becoming Microsoft’s most used product. Before activating Microsoft Office let’s learn to check the status of activation.

How to check Office Activation Status office setup

When you are unsure about activation you should follow these steps to check the status-

  • Firstly, tap to open any Office application it can be word, excel or PowerPoint whichever you feel like
  • Then tap on the icon of File. After that under the icon of the file click on the icon of Account
  • As soon as you tap on the account you will get to see a lot of headings amongst those click on Product information heading to see the status of program activation
  • If the heading reads Product Activated. That means that you are already using a licensed copy of Microsoft Office and you do not need to activate.
  • But of the same heading states Product Activation Required then there’s an urgent need for you to activate Microsoft Office.

Another method to check your office activations status would be using command prompt

  • locate the Microsoft Office installation folder and then
  • Open a new command window.
  • Insert CD and run the script
  • As and when you run the script you will be able to see the status of your Microsoft license, you can even see the expiry date of your license and the last five credentials of the specified software-based key called product key and many more such details.

How to activate Microsoft Office

You can activate your Microsoft office in many ways. The assumption is that you do not have a licensed Microsoft office installed on your device.

Sign in to Office using Microsoft Account

  • The first way of activating Microsoft Office is by signing in It may so happen that you may have purchased a new computer or purchased a new license, or you are reinstalling office on your device then in these cases you need to sign-in instead of using specified software-based keys.
  • For signing in you need the Microsoft Account that you might have used when you bought the license.
  • You may have multiple licenses attached to your Microsoft accounts, so Microsoft provides you an opportunity to choose among licenses. It will list all of them on the screen in front of you and you can choose which one you wish to activate.
  • If you want to secure your Microsoft office, then you must follow this way. It is even much simpler than in other ways. And the best part you do not need to keep a track of product keys.

After signing up one needs to activate the Microsoft office. Follow these steps to do the same

  • Once again as you did earlier open any office application like word or excel.
  • As you open the application you will see a sign in button click on that button then go on file then click on the account tab in the account tab you will see product activation click on that.
  • Then enter the characters of the Microsoft office license
  • Again, you will get an opportunity to select the license from the multiple licenses you have. But this will only happen if you have multiple licenses.

Activate Office using Product Key

  • The second way to activate office is using a product key. The product key is the specific software-based key that you may have got if you purchased Microsoft license from a nearby physical or online store.
  • You can activate office by entering the product key. Experts recommend that one should link the product key with their Microsoft account. And once you have linked the accounts sign-in with the same.

And to sign in following the procedure that is given below but doesn’t forget to keep the product key ready.

  • To sign up visit and enter your Microsoft account in the space given
  • Remember the 25-character product key? You need to enter that over here

How to activate Microsoft Office

  • Once you have signed up its important to activate you will have to enter the name of your country and the language you wish to choose. After you are done press the next button.
  • Once you are done you will be able to see a page loading and the page would be Microsoft Services and Subscriptions Page.
  • Identify the activated product and click on install now to download the Microsoft set up as soon as possible. To install Microsoft Office on your device you need to run the setup.

Activate using Office Activation Wizard

  • Last but not the least method is to use the Activation Wizard.
  • The Activation Wizard is a tool to simply get the process of licensing done and even when you have some activating issues you can use this tool to solve your problem.
  • When your trial period is over you will get a pop on your screen on which it will be written
  • Activation Wizard. It is a helpful and self-explanatory tool as all instructions are written on the screen.
  • You will get two activations options one will be activating it over the internet and others will be activating it over the telephone.
  • You will get a pop on the screen asking whether you would like to activate over the internet or not.
  • If you want to activate then select activate over internet and select tap on the button of next.
  • If you want to select activation over the phone you will have to contact Microsoft Support and activate office over the phone.
  • If you are facing any issues or are unsure about activating, then take the help of Microsoft Support.

Activating Microsoft Office is not a big or a hectic task the process is simple if you follow the instructions it’s just that there are a lot of ways to do it. But these are even for your convenience only. And why worry when you have Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooters. If you get stuck somewhere while activating use this tool to answer your query. To use the troubleshooter, select the Start button, then select on Settings then select on Update & Security then select Activation, and lastly select Troubleshoot.

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